Web analytics and paid advertisements

With web analytics, we can monitor your online channels and the visitor behaviour.Where do they come from? What content do they like? And much more…
With detailed information, you will detect what works the best and then steer your web channels in the right direction.
In the business world, advertising and marketing are the key to company’s success.
They are strongly connected and cannot subsist without the other. A great product or service would not be successful without the opportunity to be shown to the customer. By far, the most common way of paid advertising is pay-per-click. This type of advertising is popular on networks such as Google Ads where each click is paid by the advertiser.

Our Focus

We will concentrate on determining the future activities and steps based on your organisational and user goals. To determine the success of those goals we are using website data, guiding strategy, and improving the user experience.

With the paid advertising, you will use the support metrics and the conversion-focused metrics. Support metrics provide you a variety of information that provide even more relevant conversion metrics. Final sets of metrics show actual outcomes.

Advantages of Promarketing:

  • Want to know your website visitors: With the detailed geodata of your website users, we can target relevant areas for your services and product marketing. These will help you with where and when it is the best to invest your time and budget for marketing.
  • See the customer needs: With these insights, you can quickly see the traffic levels and the popularity of your website. Thanks to this information, you can adjust your website strategy in order to increase the traffic.
  • Direct the user’s attention: While managing the user experience, we can direct his/hers attention to your channels and get to the desired action. We will prepare an analysis of the user activity, which will show you exact results of the performance and efficiency of all your channels. Based on the results we will adjust the content to achieve the best.
  • Paid advertising is measurable: With digital marketing, you can track key performance indicators to determine what works and what doesn’t. Whether you’re using the search engine optimisation, paid advertising, or any other digital process, you’ll always have the access to the valuable data. 
  • Establishing relationship with your audience: With a good-quality promotion of your business on digital channels, we will support stronger and better relationship with your audience. You will be able to answer audiences questions directly and address any of their This leads to your company being viewed as trusted and reputable. All things considered, digital channels allow you to easily reach the right users really interested in your website.

Our tasks:

  • Too much analysed data: The challenge for all the companies using the web analysis is the large amount of the outcome data that is difficult to utilise without the proper procedure. And we are here to help you with this.ku spletnega mesta, vendar jih brez prave analize težko uporabite.
  • Data security: It is important that your data is always under a maximum protection.
  • Increased competition and costs: The increasing number of companies on social platforms also increases the amount of competition. When different brands are fighting for the attention of a certain target group on the same platform it might cause difficulties. Our goal is to create effective campaigns that will amidst the crowd.