Content marketing and inbound lead generation

Content marketing is based on creating quality content, whether it’s articles, emails, videos, podcasts or books.
Inbound marketing focuses on creating a user-friendly website with attractive content, which is encouraging visitors to get information, buy a product, or fill out forms.Content marketing focuses on specific methods of creating and distributing top-quality content across multiple channels.

Our focus:

  • Our goal is to gain the trust of potential customers for your company and establish a relationship with them. When customers need a solution for their problem, they will first think about your product or service.
  • More content = more customers:
    82% of companies gain customers with publishing quality daily content. According the analytics, the more often you post online content, the greater are your chances of gaining a customer through a digital channel.

Advantages of Promarketing:

  • Knowing the interest of your customers is crucial: 95% of your first-time visitors are just exploring the market options. Implementing content marketing tactics and lead generation will keep their attention until they are ready to buy.
  • B2B buyers are researchers: The average B2B decision maker does between 50 and 70% of his research before he is ready to talk to a sales representative. Developing quality content makes your business well trusted resource from the very beginning.

Our tasks:

  • Creating high quality content: Quality content that customers want and expect in the B2B segment is one of the most effective ways to promote brand or company.
  • Consistent content delivering: Consistent delivery of quality content to the customers is the key in building long-term relationship based on trust and perception of the company as credible.
  • Understanding the variety of your customers is an important part of your strategy: Your customers are not a homogenous group. They are more like a complex ecosystem of individuals that requires a planned and thoughtful marketing approach.