Personalised marketing strategies

Personalised marketing is the implementation of a functional strategy: Through a detailed data collection, precise analysis and use of automation technology, you will receive a high-quality individualised content for your customers.

Our focus

Let us focus on the marketing and raise your business.

Let’s not focus just on technology, digital channels, tools, and target audiences (izbrisati). Have your company fully prepared for the proper implementation of operations required from the on-going digital transformation.

ProMarketing offers you customised in-depth research with thorough analysis of the competition and the market.

We will define key target groups and segments together with personalised communication for individual stages along the paths to purchase…

Together will lay strong foundations and starting points for your company.

Advantages of ProMarketing

  • Enhanced user experience: Consumers expect security and protection of all given personal data. In return they want more personalised experience and quality products. People just find it easier to trust personal information to their favourite brands, so let us help you become one.
  • Revenue growth: With the right automation technology we can identify which channels are prioritised by your customers and then automatically monitor
    By identifying each customers favourite channel and responding to it, we can help the company increase the return on investment.
  • Create consistency between channels: Typical customer interacts with brands across different channels, including email or social and mobile networks. So it is crucial that brands create coherence between them. The experience from the store must match the one from the application and

Our tasks

  • Finding the right technology: Many vendors are unsuccessfully trying to find a smart personalisation mechanism that would fit their needs. In the end they often end up with an outdated technology that is not suitable for the mobile age. The key element of the success is data collection and automation. Our task is to help them to find the best intelligent algorithm for them.
  • Creating a unified customer view: Research shows that marketers have troubles associating data with an individual customer profiles. Thanks to data analysed across many channels, we will help you to have a better picture of your customers by assembling their data into a single unified profile.
  • Implementing smart segmentation: Smart channel segmentation will increase the efficiency of your company. Many businesses have difficulty overcoming their basic segmentation strategies without professional help. In fact, 85% of brands admit that their segmentation strategy is based on broad segments and easy grouping.
    Therefore, we are here to assist  you with implementing effective, smart segmentation for your business.