Marketing automation and CRM solutions

CRM means a “customer relationship management” and refers to all the strategies, techniques, tools and technologies that companies can use to retain and acquire customers and to increase their numbers. The CRM system is a tool that will help you sell, market and manage services.
Marketing automation is a powerful tool that enables companies to operate efficiently and smoothly perform routine marketing processes.
Marketing automation involves the use of software to automate marketing activities. We will automate repetitive marketing activities, such as email marketing, social media publishing, and advertising campaigns, to achieve greater efficiency and provide an excellent custom-tailored experience.

Our Focus

The main goal of CRM is to integrate and automate sales, marketing, and customer support. With CRM software, we will collect your customers data and documents into a one single database, allowing users to easily access and manage it.

We will enable you to automate your web channels, create and market content and paid search strategy.

Advantages of Promarketing

  • Efficiency: With automation, you can reduce your staff costs and free up their time to work on major, strategic projects.
  • Coordinating marketing and sales: Thanks to combining sales and marketing automation to the same software, you will be able to reconcile your business goals.
  • Customised marketing strategy: Together with automation, we will enable you an accurate data collection, that will provide you and your team accurate insight and more time to create relevant content.

Our tasks

  • Platform Integration: Despite all the ways of integration being offered by distributors of the marketing automation and solutions, it is still a challenge to set up integration between different platforms and tools.
  • Putting automation in place: Given the large number of platforms, the automation can be a real challenge for many marketers.
  • Consistent content creation: One of the most important challenges for companies, is a consistent content generation, which is the key to success in marketing and advertising.