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Personalization is becoming a popular marketing tool for various businesses.

Personalized marketing is the implementation of a strategy by which companies receive individualized content to recipients through data collection, analysis, and the use of automation technology.

The focus of Pro marketing:

We do not only focus on technology, digital channels, tools and target public. Your company will prepare an appropriate acquisition that will require digital transformation. We will arrange agreed processes to harmonize marketing and sales in the company.

We perform thorough investigations, analyze competitiveness in the market, define key target groups in segments, define personalized communications for individual parts in individual phases along the search for acquisition routes … Let’s set all the necessary topics in the starting point.

Advantages of Pro marketing

  • We provide an enhanced user experience: Customers find it easier to trust personal information online to their favorite brands if they trust them. So what’s the trick? Consumers expect security and protection for all given personal data, and in return they want a more personalized experience and quality products.
  • We enable revenue growth: By identifying and responding to priority channels for each customer, we can help the company increase its return on investment. With the right automation technology, marketers can identify which channels customers are working with, and then automatically monitor and analyze all channels as part of a multi-channel approach.
  • Create consistency between channels: Consumers work with brands across a number of channels, including email, social and mobile networks. Sometimes all in one day. Therefore, it is crucial that brands create coherence between different channels. The experience in the store must match the experience of the application, which must also match the emails.
Challenges of Pro marketing

  • Finding the right technology: One of the biggest problems with personalized marketing is outdated technology that is not suitable for the mobile age. The key element of success is data collection and automation, and with it the need for an intelligent algorithm. Many vendors are unsuccessfully trying unsuccessfully to find a smart personalization mechanism that fits their needs.
  • Creating a unified customer view: When marketers search for common threads across channels, they can create a better picture of their consumers by assembling customer data into a single unified profile. Research shows that merchants have trouble associating data with individual customer profiles.
  • Implementing smart segmentation: Smart segmentation by channels is not just for presentation but increases performance. Many vendors have difficulty overcoming basic segmentation strategies without professional help. In fact, 85% of brands agree that their segmentation strategy is based on broad segments and easy grouping.