Over 10 years we helping companies reach their financial and branding goals. Onum is a values-driven SEO agency dedicated.

Introductory Meeting

We need to get to know your process, work methods, added values and possible weak points (we all have them, whether we admit it or not).

Marketing Workshop

In this phase, we not only get to know you, but we also help you to get to know your customers / clients better and how to bring them at the forefront of your activities and solutions. We define your strengths and weaknesses, potential fears and objections of your customers and how to address and dispel them… This gives us excellent starting points for defining strategy and concrete activities.

Creating a fully personalized strategy

We don’t just focus on all the typical elements of a marketing strategy, but we also prepare your company for the proper implementation of the campaigns that the digital transformation will require of you. We will set up certain processes and coordinate marketing and sales in your company. We conduct research, competition and market analysis, define key target segments and sub-segments, and personalize communication.

Implementation of Activities

Optimal layout of pre-defined activities, both technical and content creative. We also set up all the necessary analytics for proper measurement and interpretation.

Measuring Activities and Data Based Optimization

We make decisions based on data, patterns and trends and we know how to appropriately identify them and in a timely manner.

We believe, that there is nothing like a purely
technical solution.

If we want to be successful in marketing, both technical and marketing-creative thinking are needed.

We try to perceive customers and other target groups of our customers as empathetically as possible and put their user experience in the foreground.

This sets up “user-centric solutions that result in better conversion rates and ultimately long-term satisfied and returning customers.

We are in a position where we add concrete value to them with our content and address their real pain and needs. The inbound methodology is based on obtaining leads that consume our quality content.

Content must be designed with our potential customers in mind. At the same time, we also develop relationships with our target segments.

All our solutions are comprehensive and personalized. We do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” solution, as only a personalized solution can be the right solution.

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