Consulting and personalised marketing workshops

We have developed our own unique training methods to achieve the maximum performance and help your business grow.
You will be a part of the personalised marketing workshop and together we will lay the best possible foundations for the winning strategy and all further activities of your business.

Our Focus

  • Needs and goals of your company are a crucial point for Promarketing. We want to help you create the best strategy to achieve them.
  • Our workshop will equip you with fresh knowledge and contemporary skills that will enable the company to have a competitive presence in the digital world.

Advantages of Promarketing

  • We are here for you: There are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions in Promarketing, so you will get fully personally tailored solutions just for your business model.
  • Your customers are important: We will introduce you “user-centric” solutions reflecting in higher conversion rates, better business performance and long-term satisfied and returning customers
  • Productivity: According to the latest statistics, a new employee needs about 6 months to achieve 100% productivity. Marketing consultants with marketing experience, however, are 100% productive from the very beginning.
  • Advanced LinkedIn Workshops: Let’s learn about the largest business network, which became an indispensable B2B business social platform. Connect with potential customers, buyers and colleagues in the industry fast, easy and effective way with LinkedIn.

Our tasks

  • Gaining customer trust: Unfortunately, in many companies, marketing is seen just as a support service and so a cost to be managed.  We are convinced that marketing is a powerful tool for increasing future revenue.
  • Being Up to date: Innovations in marketing are developing with the speed of light and many companies find it difficult to keep up with all the trends.