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Content marketing relies on creating quality content, whether it’s articles, emails, videos, podcasts or e-books.

Inbound focuses on designing a website and its content that aims to encourage readers to inquire, purchase a product, or fill out forms. Meanwhile, content marketing focuses only on specific methods of creating and distributing content across multiple channels.

The focus of Pro marketing

Our goal is to gain the trust of potential customers for your company, with whom we establish a relationship. When customers need a solution to their problem, they will first think about your product or service.

This approach requires a lot of tolerance as it is based on building a relationship, which is a longterm process. A good relationship between the client and the company that ensures long-term and successful business.

Advantages of Pro marketing

  • More content = more customers: 82% of companies gain a customer with daily content publishing. Analytics show that the more often you write online content, the greater your chances of gaining a customer through a digital channel.
  • Be interested about your target audience’s interests is crucial: 95% of visitors, with the first visit to your site, are not ready to buy, they are simply exploring their options. Implementing creation tactics and lead generation allows you to keep their attention until they are ready to buy.
  • B2B buyers are researchers: Before the average B2B decision-maker is ready to talk to a sales representative, he has done between 50 and 70% of his research and purchasing decision-making procedures. Creating quality content allows your business to become a trusted resource from the start.
Challenges of Pro marketing

  • Creating high-quality content: Quality content that customers want and expect in the B2B segment is one of the most effective ways to promote a brand or company.
  • Consistent content creation: Consistent content creation is key to building a relationship based on trust and perception of the company as credible. This is the biggest challenge for content marketing for 60% of marketers.
  • Understanding the different personalities of your customers is an important part of your strategy: Your customers are not a homogeneous group, but a complex ecosystem of individuals that requires a planned and thoughtful marketing approach.